Christer Haimi konsultatsioonid

Financial consulting

CH Konsultatsioonid Konsultatsioonid offers professional financial consulting service. Financial consulting is not meant only for large companies. Companies with 10 employees also win a lot. Professional financial analysis helps to make better decisions, optimize operational processes and increase operational efficiency of the whole company.

Business analysis

CHK uses PowerBI, a business software for business analysis. It helps you to monitor economic indicators, profitability of client database and income-expense of your company in real time in a phone application. Business analysis provides you with correct data at the right moment, following which you lead your company in the desired course. As a result of business analysis, you increase your income, decrease expenses, and lead to the growth of your company.

Other analyses

There are several options of analysis, which CHK can perform for your company.
  • Competition analysis provides an overview of the status of the company comparing with other companies in the same sector. The analysis is based on information which is publicly available, for example, financial reports and official statistics.
  • Company evaluation is useful for company sale, merging or evaluation of owners’ property. Finding the fair value of the business is based on real numbers and reliable methodology.
  • Cost formation helps to find the unit cost of the company profit and it mostly optimizes the operational process.
  • Cost-benefit analysis helps to find its profitability for the investor and simplify the decision-making process, when it comes to choosing between different projects.
Financial consulting and business analysis are meant for businesses, who wish to get advice and help in order to run a successful business and improve business results. CHK is a professional and reliable partner, with which you can discuss things. PowerBI is a great tool for monitoring data and personal consulting ensures better results.