Christer Haimi konsultatsioonid


CH Konsultatsioonid Konsultatsioonid has extensive experience in consulting enterprises about expansion plans and representing enterprises in the Estonian, Finnish and Lithuanian markets of destination. We offer advice on how to start a business in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania.

We help enterprise get started, organise a permanent business establishment registration and other necessary registrations in various registries:

  • In Estonia: national VAT register, employer registration
  • In Finland: advance payment register, national VAT register, employers register and the liability of the person who orders register
  • In Lithuania: national VAT register.

CHK’s consultation service supports enterprises in every phase of their life cycle. Our expert knowledge includes the peculiarities of taxation systems, arranging accounting, work and business laws and state demands that influence entrepreneurship in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania. We offer service in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English or Lithuanian.

CHK offers consultation in the following areas on the Estonian, Finnish and Lithuanian markets:

  • Founding, taking over and expanding an enterprise
  • Commercial registry proceedings
  • Organizing purchasing and selling incorporated entities
  • Tax calculation
  • International taxation
  • Planning taxation when starting a business abroad
  • Representing the enterprise in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and the Finnish Tax Administration
  • Representing the enterprise in labour inspectorate 

We represent your enterprise in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, including at the Estonian Tax and Customs Bureau and the Finnish Tax Administration as well as in other public institutions. We offer economic consultations for both a single economic transaction as well as full representation of the enterprise during tax review. We consult on the matter of the Finnish Labour Inspectorate check-ups and help the enterprise meet all legal requirements.